Get The Perfect Shot with the Special Feature in iOS 11

With the launch of Apple’s latest software iOS 11, the iPhone users saw their devices getting many changes. The restyling of the software revamped the camera configuration with better control and supreme quality pictures.

Do you know there is a secret feature in your iPhone camera, powered by iOS 11? The secret feature is able to adjust subject of the picture in whichever direction the user wants. So that the user is able to click some great images with the perfect level.

Today in this article we will explain to you that how you can crack the secret feature of the iPhone and achieve some fantastic top class images.

iOS 11

The secret is, there is no such secret in the iPhone powered by iOS 11. The fact is the ViewFinder grid is the feature which will assist you to level the picture while you capture it.

iOS 11


Just go to the camera app and click the settings and choose the grid option which will turn on the grid over the camera screen viewfinder. The grid is made up of horizontal and vertical lines which you can use to level up the images and get a perfect leveled shot.

 iOS 11

This feature is simple to use and what you need to do is just concentrate on the horizontal and vertical lines when clicking the shot. It is a very useful feature provided by the iOS 11 processor.


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