Google Allo Now Available in The Web Version

The tech giant Google’s instant messaging application Allo, the Mountain View company’s app to compete with WhatsApp, finally has the web version now. This is one of the main shortcomings that until now had the platform, since it is one of the functions most demanded by users, but has been remedied and you can use Allo in the browser.

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Telegram a messaging application had first started the web version and then WhatsApp followed their footprints. And now Google Allo has joined the bandwagon.



However, Google Allo needs to work on various aspects. It needs to upgrade the privacy and encryption of chats, support for SMS and the absence of voice calls and video calls. Allo, the instant messaging application also has many advantages and interesting features as well.



The new version of the Google Allo messaging new version of the Google Allo messaging app has some limitations regarding the mobile version, such as the inability to send GIFs.



Currently, Android Mobile users are able to use the Allo’s web version. iPhone users have to wait a little longer to enjoy the web version of Google Allo.

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You can click on this link to download Google Allo on your desktop or laptop to enjoy the web version. And once it is downloaded follow the on-screen prompts: open the app on your mobile, select Allo Web from the menu and scan the QR code shown. Once this is done, you will be able to chat with your contacts from the Google Chrome browser directly.

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