Google App that Warns if Anyone is Peeping into your Mobile

It is weird to realize that someone next to you is peeping into your mobile.  Almost everyone must have been through this awkward situation. We don't want any stranger to look into our phone to see what we are doing. It can be watching videos, texting someone or talking to a friend. Google has a solution for this problem.


Google is planning to launch a special AI tool that can identify if anyone is peeping at your screen. The software dubbed as “e-screen protector” is still in the research process. The tool uses the front-facing camera with AI to scan faces.

The AI tool helps in identifying the second person spying at your screen. It alerts the user by highlighting the picture of the perpetrator with a rainbow of vomit coming from the mouth.

An AI-based system can recognize the user’s gaze within 2 milliseconds. The latest technology uses eyeball tracking moment to identify the gaze.

It is interesting to know that Google is planning to unveil e-screen protector in the coming week.

According to reports, the upcoming feature will be presented by Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff in NIPS conference in California. We will update you the complete information on this Google app after this presentation.

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