Google Celebrates its 19Th Birthday with a Spinner Doodle

As you opened today Google’s home page you must have seen a colorful spinner which will spin and it comprises of various doodle games. You will find many games from the last 19 years and will surely make you feel nostalgic.


Google has also added the popular Snake game to the Search Funbox. The wheel offers 19 different types of games. You can search games and also spin the wheel and try all the games present there. The wheel has games like tic-tac-toe, Earth Day Quiz, Snake Game. Also, you will find Pac Man developed in 2010.

However, let us tell you Google has celebrated its birthday four times in September which has made the users totally confused. In 2002 and 2016, Google had celebrated its birthday on September 27.

Google has also uploaded a video on YouTube explaining how the gaming wheel works. As of now just click on the spin wheel and try out all the 19 games and have fun!

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