Google Duo Allows Video Calls Even Without App Installed

The most popular video calling app is spotted with new features. This feature lets the Duo user make video calls even without installing the app on their smartphone. However, this new update is seen only on Android smartphones.

Although there is no official confirmation, this can be as a result of Google Play services merging with Duo. According to the Google Play store, the Google Duo app has around 100-500 million downloads.


This was spotted by the Reddit User “Turdobogis” who places a comment saying that the Nexus 6P unit on the receiver end is ready to accept Duo video calls even if the app is not installed in the smartphone.

The post says “so I talked to my buddy. he runs a Nexus 6P, stock 8.1 and he DOES NOT have Duo installed (I double checked his phone) he was showing up as having Duo installed (he didn’t have an “invite” next to his name) so I called him. Duo call came through just like he had the app.”

The Reddit user further claims that this could be a relatively new feature or it can either because Google Duo is made an instant app or it could probably a part of Google play services. On other platforms like iOS, both the users need to have a Google Duo app installed to have a video call.


Another Reddit user comments as “Yep I noticed this in the dialer the other day. You can call most people with Google Play Services and once the call is over it invites the other person to install Duo to make calls.”

With this, we can probably understand that Google is trying to make the Duo app as a default video calling app, especially on Android smartphones. So, in the near future, you can see the Duo calls option in the Android dialer itself. As of now, this feature is available only for few users on the contact list.

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