Google Fuchsia is the new operating system to end Android

The Android smartphones used today are liked by everyone because of its simplest interface. The Android is the most popular operating system in the world. More or less all the brands are into the Android operating system and there are Apple and some windows smartphones which run on the other operating systems. Android is considered to be as the easy and smartest operating system but now the news is that the Android might soon come to an end. What will happen next? The next big thing planned by the Google is already here as Google is working for two years on the new operating system which will replace the Android. The new operating system is named Google Fuchsia. Huawei is also working on its own operating system.


Android has now become 10 years old operating system. Google has now created a new operating system for the smartphone devices, yet Android is the most popular but it was felt by Google that rather than bringing the updates the whole new operating system can be introduced. It is claimed by the Google that Fuchsia is more secure than the Android.

The three basic features of Google Fuchsia are discussed in this article.

Synchronization among the devices

The main thing and difference between the Android devices and Apple devices are here that Apple has iOS which is compatible with all the devices of Apple. It runs on the smartphone, tablets, and laptops as well. But the Google has a multitude of operating systems which is scattered across various hardware and devices. Smartphones are powered by the full-fledged version of Android, televisions get Android TV, cars get Android Auto, smartwatches run on Wear OS, and desktops, laptops, and now tablets have Chrome OS. To overcome this issue the Google Fuchsia is developed which will be installed and would be compatible with the all digital devices.  This will be one operating system sorting out all the Google devices.


Streamlined app design

The app designed for laptops or the app designed for the smartphones looks misplaced and uneven when switched to use on other devices. This new operating system Fuchsia is introduced to even out all the app designs on the standard and can be felt prominent and perfect either used on smartphone or laptop. The applications will have adaptability across the different devices.


Advanced voice control

It is being observed that Google already has Google assistant to perform the simple tasks on voice commands like setting alarm, weather updates and call making without using the touch feature. Google assistant is also smart to answer the search based questions but what about the complicated stuff. It is expected that the new operating system Fuchsia would be able to fulfill the difficult tasks on voice commands as well. It is not confirmed that these things will be managed but the rumors suggest that this will be the more advanced voice assistant. The tasks like updating status on social media could be done only by talking to the smartphone.


Google Fuchsia release date

It is expected that Google Fuchsia might be launched with the upcoming home devices within the next three years but it not officially confirmed by the Google itself as it is still claiming that Google Fuchsia is one of the experimental projects right now. Further after the home devices, it is expected to be seen in laptops and smartphones. It can only be said that this conversion from Android to Fuchsia might take a long time which could be around half a decade or more than that.

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