Google Introduces a Slack Competitor- Hangouts Chat

Recently, Google introduced a new chat application for Android, iOS, Mac, and PC named as “Hangouts Chat”. This application is limited to G Suite users thus indicating the availability only for the company profiles. The Hangouts chat was first unveiled last year at Google Cloud Next 2017 along with the Hangouts meet. It has already confirmed the launch of an application focusing on the professionals. So, here comes the new Hangouts Chat that holds the features to take on Slack and Microsoft.


As in Slack, Hangouts chat lets you create channels thus allowing to have a conversation with co-workers. The new Google’s chat application features virtual rooms to organize people from different departments into a specific task. Each virtual room can have a total of 8000 users and supports 28 different languages. This allows interacting with Google Drive to know the location and updates. The chat app can even check the calendar events of every person in the virtual room and schedule meeting accordingly.

The new Google app emphasized on the AI features involves various chatbots. As in Google Allo, these chatbots are interactive and you can even ask to set a convenient time for the event/meeting. Currently, Hangouts Chat has 25 bots that can interface with other G Suite apps. Developers have the feasibility to create bots and add them accordingly to the platform. Furthermore, the tech giant is focusing on integrating the AI technology into the messaging applications. This will obviously allow machine learning and can identify the user needs accordingly.


All in all, the basic need for the Hangouts chat is to assist all the professionals to find files, set a meeting, find Google Drive files and more. As for the security, the Google’s Hangouts Chat follows the G Suite promise of “Security-first ecosystem”. It further integrates the features including admin settings, single sign-on, Integration with Google Vault, two-factor authentication and more.

The Google’s Hangouts Chat is available in three packages namely- basic, business and Enterprise. The cost and features offered differ according to the package. In case you want to try it before you pay, then there is a 14-day free trial package to try out. We will have to wait and see if this new application with emphasize on AI is considered as the best alternative to Slack or not.

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