Google launches Files Go App Globally for Android Users

Files Go, the application that manages file space in Android smartphones is now available worldwide. Users can even share files while offline. The app was launched on December 5, 2017. The smartphones running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher versions can download the app for free of cost.

Files Go

As we know, Android was never good at file management. The Android users need to install third-party application separately for the file manager. The tech giant Google is now trying to fill in the loophole with the new “Files Go” file manager app.

Files Go app lets the user transfer files between devices at a speed up to 125Mbps without using any mobile data. However, both the devices need to have the app installed. The app even suggests the user about apps, videos, and duplicate files that need to be deleted. According to Google, the Android user can save up to 1GB space using the app.

Files Go

The app is mainly for the low-end smartphones that offer less storage space. These devices need proper file management for high performance. This app lets the user delete unnecessary file thus saving some space. The app just takes 6MB space for itself.

It even allows the user to have cloud storage. Users can just select the file that needs a backup option. Files Go app coincides with recently launched Datally that is used for data management.

To manage the applications you can go ahead and download Files Go app from play store. Google says that the app may come as a suite in the smartphones with Android Go Edition scheduled for 2018.

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