Google Pixel 2: All we know so far – Rumored Specs

When one of the world's most used search engine Google brought their own range of smartphones, people became very delighted. Last year Google presented Pixel and Pixel XL which was though not that impressive but had amazing camera lens which had set a new standard in the smartphone industry.



This year again, the tech giant will be back again with the sequel of Google Pixel dubbed as Google Pixel 2. And predictions and assumptions of Google Pixel 2 are flooding the internet.


The previous year the expertise of HTC and Google were blended to manufacture Google Pixel and Pixel XL. And this year Google apparently joined hands with LG to produce Google Pixel 2.


And now we are going to discuss the rumored specs of the second gen Google Pixel to give you a brief idea of how the sequel Pixel 2 might be:


 Design and Display:


Google Pixel 2 may go for a very thin bezel with a great screen to body ratio as compared to the last year's luxurious handset. It is also said that Pixel 2 may flaunt a larger screen of 6 inches OLED display with a resolution of 1312 by 2560 pixels.


This information is not concrete as the company is secretly handling their project.


Processor and Storage:


Pixel 2 is said to be chipped by Qualcomm 835 processor and managed by 2.4Ghz and run on 4GB RAM which supports heavy multitasking and operates swiftly. Also, you will get a massive 128GB storage capacity.


OS and RAM:


Whispers are loud that Pixel 2 may run on the exclusive Android ‘O' which is still not official. Even last year Google Pixel was packed with the best of the features.





Up next we have the camera which will hold a 12MP rear snapper and a front facing shooter of 7MP. However, we were expecting some more from Google in this segment.


Now, these rumored specs seem to be pretty impressive. And let us tell you that Google may release Google Pixel 2 in the October-November window. Since Google Pixel 2 is a masterpiece we can expect it to be an expensive chunk.

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