Google Pixel 2 Cameras Crowned As the King of the Smartphone Cameras

The market is currently on fire. Giant brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google have launched their flagship handsets in the market. And each of the devices is a sheer example of technological excellence.

Recently as per a fresh report by DxOMark, the dual rear cameras are not the best in the market. Instead, it is the Google Pixel 2 which is considered as the ‘King of Cameras’.

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DxOMark is known to rate smartphone cameras. They compared the cameras of iPhone X v/s Galaxy Note 8 v/s Pixel 2. It was a neck to neck competition.

The iPhone X scored 97 points out of 100 while the Pixel 2 won the race by a single point- 98/100.

smartphone camera

The latest iPhone X achieved extra points to capture the real and natural colors with a decent white balance in a bright light condition. The team from DxOMark also mentioned that the iPhone X Bokeh effect is more natural than its rivals. But sometimes it also clicked underexposed images with an unwanted red-eye effect.

When it comes to video, the iPhone X could not match up to Pixel 2. The Pixel 2 scored a 96 while the iPhone X lagged far behind at 89.

Google Pixel 2’s image processing AI in the rear camera makes it outstanding from its competitors.

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