Google Pixel 3 Vs Apple iPhone 11 Vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Battle Of The Tech Giants

The battle of titans is on! 2018 will be really a great year, especially for the smartphone enthusiasts. There is a huge line up of smartphones for launch from almost all the top brands like Samsung, Apple, Google and more. Here in this article, we are comparing three main upcoming handsets- Google Pixel 3, Apple iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S9. All the three smartphones are expected to launch in 2018. Let us take a glance at the new features included in these smartphones that differentiate it from other.


The Google Pixel 3 in UAE is a successor of an impressive Pixel 2 which was one of the best Android phones in Dubai. It may even launch the Google Pixel 2XL successor- Google Pixel 3XL in UAE. With its history of launch On October 4, we expect the Google Pixel 3 to unveil on the same date this year. While the Samsung’s biggest phone Samsung Galaxy S9 is likely to launch at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. There is no official information on the iPhone 11 launch date.

Google is likely to introduce to bring in at least two new models this year. Though the confirmed specs are not yet known, there is a chance that the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL may reduce the bezels as Apple. It may further borrow the Apple’s Face ID and notch design. The iPhone 11 Dubai will be a 6.1-inch model with Face ID feature and may not include 3D touch. As for the design, the Google Pixel 3 and iPhone 11 may be identical to iPhone X.

The South Korean giant is focusing mainly on the technological performance rather than improvising in design. Furthermore, it is working on the face unlock tool that is similar to Apple’s Face ID. It is even trying to include virtual fingerprint reader which Apple’s device is lacking. Along with this, the upcoming Samsung device may boast the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. This powerful processor lets you experience the power of advanced camera technology.


Apart from this, the Google device is expected to run on the latest Android version. Whereas the Apple iPhone 11 in Dubai is likely to feature Intel baseband chips which increase the MIMO technology from 2 X 2 to 4X 4. It is further rumored that the next upcoming handset from Apple may offer 5G technology, thus enhancing the data speeds. The iPhone 11 is also focusing on battery life cycle. With the utilization of advanced hardware and software, the upcoming iPhone releases offer accurate power requirements and even hold the capability to stabilize the system performance. The inclusion of augmented reality on the last year Face ID functionality is another impressive feature.

The Galaxy S9 would be the first smartphone featuring facial recognition. It may further add different animojis as well. With the concept of slimming down bezels, it is likely to feature a larger display than its competitors with the compact design. While the focus on photography is still on for the Samsung device.


When comparing these three massive smartphones of 2018, it is quite clear that Apple is looking for more innovation with iPhone 11. The Google Pixel 3 is likely to improvise the performance and the Samsung Galaxy S9 is focusing mainly on high specification photographic capabilities. The Galaxy S9 is likely to hit the market earlier than other two devices which would an added advantage for the South Korean company. Overall, all these tech giants are trying to forecast their best in the upcoming handsets. This is really a good news for all those who are looking for a handset including new features with an attractive design.

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