Google Pixel 3Xl Release Date, Rumors, Specifications and Price in UAE

The Google Pixel 2XL was a great success and is known to be the best camera smartphone. It attracted the users with its stunning design, great camera and better battery life. Despite being successful, there are still few segments that need an improvement. To overcome those negative aspects, Google is trying to launch the next flagship later this year.


Rumors claim that Google is planning to introduce a trio of smartphones which includes Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3L. This time many are hoping for the impressive hardware and software integrated into the new comer. There was a huge improvements in terms of hardware while we look into the specs of first generation and second generation pixel smartphones. With that in mind, we could expect the Google upcoming flagship to have more advanced internals.

Google Pixel 3XL Release Date in UAE

While it is not sure of what the upcoming flagship will have in their internals. But, rumors already started to mill around the Google Pixel 3XL release date UAE. There is no accurate information of the launch date. Considering the previous release schedule, it is anticipated for release sometime in October 2018.

Google Pixel 3XL Rumored Specifications

There is a possibility of appearance of a notch in the upcoming Google Pixel flagship. Though a bit embarassing, but the Android makers are copying every aspect of the Apple iPhones. Apart from the iPhone X notch design, now the Android smartphones of 2018 does not come up with a headphone jack. We have even tried to make a wild guess about the internal specifications of the Google Pixel 3XL in Dubai. It is likely to ship in with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor as in all the high-end smartphones.


As for the memory, the device will carry 6GB of RAM thus making it powerful than other flagships. Moreover, there is chance that the upcoming pixel device will pack in the new Android P operating system. Google will debut its new software in its own device. The Google handset may boast display size of more than 6-inches with shrunken bezels and inbuilt fingerprint scanner. The Pixel devices are often praised for its excellent camera. So, we expect something innovative and impressive even with the Google Pixel 3XL camera.

Google Pixel 3XL price in UAE

After seeing the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2XL price in Dubai, it is quite difficult to have a guess about the Google Pixel 3XL price in UAE. However, it is likely that we may not expect drastic change in the upcoming google flagship price. It may be kept at nearly the same price point.

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