Google Pixel Buds Fail to Impress its Users

This year Google has launched a couple of gadgets and the Pixel Buds are one of them. The company has claimed that what makes the Pixel Buds unique is its capability to translate a conversation into several languages.


The exclusive feature is actually useful. It helps to break the language barrier and makes traveling easier for travelers. It is also useful for those people who are interested to learn a new language. Communication across the globe would be simpler.


Unfortunately, the Pixel Buds doesn’t work as per the company’s claims. The earbuds are compatible with Android and iOS platform. The language translation feature is only for the Pixel handsets.

And if you are not using the Pixel smartphone then you will find that there is not something great about the wireless earbuds. Also, you pay a heavy amount for them.


If you are using a Google Pixel smartphone then put on the Pixel buds and hold the right bud and say “Help me speak French.” Now it opens the Google Translate app and then you transfer your handset to the other person.

The Pixel smartphone will then translate the line in French by using the built-in Google Assistant. The person on the receiving end will then press the microphone button on their Pixel handset to answer back in French, while you will hear it in the English language through the earbuds.

At present, the Google Pixel buds support 40 languages. While the Google translate site and the app support over 100 languages. However, remember to speak clearly and in simple sentences. Avoid using idioms and do not stammer.

The app displays the written translation on the smartphone’s screen. But the users are not happy with its performance and not easy to handle serious discussions.


Also, the shape of the Google Pixel buds are quite an awkward one and doesn’t fit in the ears properly. The earbuds are connected with a cord. However, the packaging is attractive, the wireless earphones come in a fabric case. Some consumers are not liking the cable which they find it to be annoying.

The users are enjoying stereophonic audio quality offered by the Pixel buds, but when it comes to the translation app, Google needs to seriously work on it.

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