Google Pixel Phones in News for All The Wrong Reasons

Last month Google launched their most-awaited Pixel Phones- Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and since then have faced many issues from the consumers. The world’s most popular search engine Google has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Pixel Phone

Firstly there were many complaints about the screen of Pixel 2 XL then came the next set of complaints the Pixel 2 made a hissing sound because of the NFC chip. And now comes the most interesting news that is, it has been reported that Google has sent some handsets of Pixel 2 XL without installing the Android operating system to the market.

This is a clear example of carelessness which is just not expected from Google. How can such a big and reputed company ship their handsets without the entire operating system!

Pixel Phone

When a handset without an operating system is being switched on then a message is seen on screen which says "Can't find valid operating system. The device will not start."

According to a website, many people are reporting problems with their Pixel Phones. Consumers who have got defective handsets can exchange with a new model by contacting Google. It’s high time the American Company should take some action on it and act accordingly.

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