Google Pixel Smartphone to launch in Middle East

The much-awaited news has been confirmed by the Global CEO of Google Inc., Mr. Sundar Pichai, that Google Pixel smartphones will be launched in the Middle East soon. However, no specified time has been mentioned by the company. In fact, Sundar Pichai, while speaking to Arabian Business mentioned that the launch will take place within two years, as the company still needs time to prepare for it. The only surety of time is within two years, which is good enough anyway!

In another statement, the CEO mentioned that “We are committed to bringing everything we do, everywhere – and that’s how we think about it. We just need a bit more time. We are early in our journey, which is why (the Pixel smartphone) is not in the Middle East. I wish we were there.”
This clearly gives us an idea of their strong belief and commitment-based strategy, so we can look forward to a launch with a bang! Taking a look at their recent releases, Google has already launched the Google Pixel series in the US and UK, which successfully drew in a large number of users, and left them quite satisfied with the phone. Being one of the top Android phones in the market, the selling number increased with a high margin in the year 2016, and is expected to sell another 6 million more in the coming year!

Being asked more about the phones, Pichai spoke about their ideologies, and aims and objectives for their smartphones. According to him, “Computing is at an exciting stage, and to push computing forward we need to think about the other usage that comes with it.

“So, as computing evolves beyond the phone you will see it in more contexts. In the context of your daily life, I believe you should be able to interact more naturally with it, by getting it to see things, talk naturally…we think this evolution is important. So we need to build the hardware experiences that go with it.

“That’s why we developed the Pixel – so we can bring these experiences together.”

This clearly proves that Google Pixel is about a lot more than smartphone specs. It is about a specific strategy around which the concept of the phone is built.

So we can be sure about the fact that if Google Inc. is asking for time to launch the Pixel smartphone in the Middle East then it is going to be something big, with a much-anticipated launch. Not compromising on the quality, Pichai has promised the launch within the next two year. In fact, when asked whether it would be on sale in the region within the next two years, Pichai answered, “For sure”.

So gadget geeks and smartphone lovers, along with Google fans, in the Middle East are waiting for the big launch with their fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, there are high hopes from the CEO to release the exact date of the launch soon, and give more to the people to look forward to. It is going to be a big celebratory moment for Google and the people!

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