Google Working on AI Camera Tech That Fixes Photos Before You’ve Clicked Them

Google is focusing on helping you to capture and get the best photos and videos. The American company consistently develops its products and services. The multinational company has been constantly developing in the field of photography over the past few years.

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It has created an auto-white balance tool available in Google Photos, developed anti-shake fixes for videos and also made a great way to digitize old photos. Google has now taken computational photography to the next level. It helps to create a way you to retouch your photos, even before you have taken them.
Sounds interesting, isn’t?

In cooperation with the scientists at MIT, Google is using machine learning algorithms to improve images in your smartphone viewfinder in real-time. These adjustments are made on a per-case basis, rather than auto-adjustments that act the same way across every photo or scene (which many software applications already offer).

The team trained neural networks on 5,000 images that had been retouched by five different photographers. This gave the AI a formula from which to work from for retouching photos, which results in more appropriate adjustments to images.
As per reports, the software which has been used to achieve this could run in real-time on handsets with little in the way of latency or battery life consumption.


Google aims to offer great features which make their time worth spending with their smartphones. Every image captured can be improved with a few tweaks. This software has the potential to deliver high-quality performance.

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