Google, World’s Favorite Search Engine Turns 19

Google, the popular search engine is now 19 years old. And next year the tech giant will be an important one as it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary.


Google has gone through many changes since the time it started in 1998. The search engine has become very user-friendly as compared to as it was earlier. It just not a search engine, it is more than that.


Yahoo! had more users then and was widely popular. It dominated the web searches. And then Google was created, nobody knew that it could take the world by storm. Since then there was no looking back for the giant search engine.


Here we are discussing the search engine and not the company. Whenever we talk about Google, then we are talking about Alphabet, the matrix that includes all the affiliates associated with the brand, such as its project for the self-self-sustaining car.


Here we have shared an old screen shot of Google when it first started:


Here is another image-



You can see here that from the outdated interface and horrible web pages to responsive design tailored to mobile devices, fast loading sites or images, and simpler designs and with better finishes. For the new generations, it can be difficult to use the old version.


If you wish to see more you can visit, a type of Library of Alexandria of digital files. Simply enter the URL that you want to see in your browser and get see the initial days of Google.

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