GoPro Hero6 Review: Good Image Quality Guaranteed

Are you fond of action cameras? Here is a new GoPro Hero6 with an advanced GP1 processor. The company has made its own name in this sector by providing the best action cameras ever. The action cameras are a better replacement of DSLR camera that was used before for the so-called adventure shots.

GoPro always preferred improvising, thus offering the camera with better image quality. GoPro Hero6 is similar to Hero5. Though the design of both versions is same, there is quite different in the processor used. Here in this article, we will cover in detail information of GoPro Hero6.


Design and Screen

Physically, there is no change in design. The complete body structure is quite similar to Hero 5. As in the previous model, still, you have the same 2-inches touch display on the rear end. However, we can find some visible change in terms of screen quality.

One of the main drawbacks in the screen of Hero 5 is being unresponsive to few simple swipe gestures. The improved screen quality in Hero 6 overcomes this allegation and is swift to respond.

GoPro is known for its great mounts and accessories provided in the box. In GoPro Hero6, you can find some new mounts. This telescopic handgrip camera can be extended in length up to 20cm. The shortened aluminum screw makes it suitable for travelers.



The action camera is powered by the GP1 processor. Better image quality is guaranteed with this new processor embedded. It can record videos in both JPEG and RAW format with 3840 X2160 resolution. For normal images, the camera sports 12MP resolution.

As Hero5, the latest action camera is also water resistant and you can use the camera in water up to 30 feet. The advanced voice and video controls in the camera make it more attractive.

In addition to this, the voice recognition system works well in this model. If the user just voice commands “GoPro start recording” the video recording will commence immediately. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS receiver.

With new processor embedded, even the speed of Wi-Fi connectivity is increased. It takes 5GHz, to transfer videos or photos to Smartphone.


Image Quality

GoPro Hero6 is all set to render the best image quality ever. With the new GP1 processor, the image quality is made superior to its predecessors. Thanks to the customized processor that made it possible. The processor is responsible for better frame rates thus resulting in 4K60 and 1080p240 shooting capabilities.

According to GoPro’s CEO Nicholas Woodman, "HERO6's next-level image quality, video stabilization and three times faster QuikStories performance make it a powerful storytelling extension of your Smartphone. It's never been easier to live it, and then share it using a GoPro,"

The GP1 processor provides better low-light performance, enhanced image quality when compared with the previous generations. The GoPro app can convert the footage into videos that can be shared on social media platforms.


Battery Life and Performance

The GoPro Hero6 preferred to use the same battery as in Hero5. The user can shoot the video continuously for one hour 30 minutes at 1080p/30. However, there is a chance of low battery life while shooting the videos in slow motion.

Well, when we are talking about the performance, Hero6 is at its best both in terms of video recording and image quality. It holds dynamic color reproduction that allows you to take wider shots. The improvised zoom feature is another added feature to capture far away images with high quality.

The most enhanced HDR technology and image stabilization allow having tuned videos free from unnecessary noise and shakes.

Hero6 is one of the excellent action cameras available in the market. It offers top-notch features which give the camera an expensive price tag. The enhanced image quality of the camera will make it worth the investment.

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