Top 5 Best Apple iPhones for 2018

When buying a smartphone, many people prefer iPhone over Android. Despite the fact that the Android phones are trying to resemble iPhone, but Apple has its own identity that makes it a popular choice. However, there are few people who prefer Android as they may not afford iPhone. With so many choices of iPhones, it is quite overwhelming to choose the best. Here, in this article, we have listed out few best iPhones for 2018 in Dubai. We have listed out the selection of best iPhone of 2018 in UAE based on the specs included, price, and performance. Apple iPhone X The Apple iPhone X is one of the most expensive and best iPhone in UAE that Apple has ever released. It is really impressive and if you want the best then nothing can match up to iPhone X in Dubai. Since its release in 2017, it has become the

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Top 5 Best Android Tablets for 2018

Android tablets are the best choice for everyone. Irrespective of the age, everyone can use it with an ease. With the availability of hundreds of options out there, it is quite confusing to choose the best. What are the factors that make sure that the Android tablet is worth the value spent? Though there are very few companies that are introducing tablets into the market, the world is still crazy about owning one. So, if you are ready to take a tablet and are looking for the Android platform then here is a guide. In this article, we listed out the Top 5 Best Android Tablets in UAE. Our list of Best Android tablets Dubai will surely help you to find the best in your budget. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Great software and quality display screen are the must-have qualities for any Android tablets. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in Dubai

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Top Innovative And Exciting Smartphones Lineup for 2018

The smartphone season is here. While we are heading nearer towards the MWC event we are expecting more innovative and exciting smartphones in 2018. However, there are few more devices that are scheduled for launch even after this event. 2017 was really exciting and successful for many smartphone manufacturers. 2018 is nowhere lesser as it is geared for the launch of best smartphones in UAE. Almost all the tech giants have their own plans introducing new and innovative technology into the market. Here, let us take a tour of few top smartphones in Dubai that will show off in 2018. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus The South Korean giant is all set to reveal its exciting Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphone in the market. It is likely to reveal the product on February 25 at MWC event in Barcelona. The Samsung Galaxy S9 in Dubai may feature the same

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Honor 7X Vs Honor 6X

Honor the sub-brand of Huawei had a huge commercial success in these recent years from its budget mid-range smartphones. The Honor 7X is such a mid-range smartphone that features latest Kirin processor with an upgraded camera and impressive design. On the other end, the Honor 6X is one of the best budget flagships in 2017 offering dual cameras, long battery life, and a sturdy metal build. Here is how we can compare both these mid-range handsets, so as to know which is the best device to pick up. Design & Display The Honor 7X in Dubai is taller at 5.93-inches than the Honor 6X which is of 5.5-inches. Both the devices have the same IPS LCD panel but the Honor 7X is brighter. The latest handset offers 2.5D glass front panel and bezels have slimmed down abruptly. For having crisp visuals, the screen resolution of the Honor 7X is increased

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Honor View 10 Vs OnePlus 5T: Which is The Best Mid-range Flagship?

Everyone looks for the fast smartphone which is reliable and fits into the budget. Honor View 10 and OnePlus 5T are such mid-range smartphones that offer killer features and are ought to be the better flagships than the premium flagship smartphones. OnePlus 5T in UAE features top-tier performance at a much lower price than the top brands such as Samsung. On another end, Honor View 10 offers nearly the same features at almost the same cost. So, it is quite hard to compare both these flagship smartphones. Though seem to be similar, we have spotted out few differences that can help you to decide the best mid-range flagship. Design & Display Here are the two well-designed smartphones that are eye-catchy and comfortable to hold. The curved rear end gives a better grip. The honor device has a flat back and is heavier than the 5T model. Both the devices have

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Top 5 Upcoming Nokia smartphones in 2018

There are numerous rumours and news going around about the upcoming Nokia smartphones in UAE. Here we have tried to gather all those pieces into a single article for those who are interested in knowing about the top 5 Best upcoming Nokia smartphones in Dubai. Either it could be a rumoured specs, price or release date, everything is mentioned in brief that gives you some basic idea about the upcoming Nokia smartphones. We all are aware of the fact that Nokia is one of the best smartphone manufacturer offering rigid body with massive battery capacity and efficient performance. The Finnish company is following the same trend and is trying to feature all the best features with the use of advanced technology. Let us have a detailed look at the Top 5 Best Upcoming Nokia Smartphones Dubai. Nokia 9 The most anticipated Nokia 9 may make its first appearance at MWC

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Top 5 Best Xiaomi Phones of 2018

Xiaomi, the best smartphone manufacturer is making its existence wider and larger day-by-day. Though it is not that much known is western countries, but it has already been popular in the Asian countries. It is the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer globally. Its main success is attributed to the great performance within the budget. Here let us have a look at the top best Xiaomi phones in UAE. It seems that Xiaomi smartphones Dubai is going alongside the top tech giants Apple and Samsung to reach the top position in the smartphone market. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is one of the best Xiaomi phones featuring a large display and luxurious all-metal design. It is given an ultra-slim body thus making it portable and comfortable to handle. The 5.5-inches full HD screen ensures crisp and vibrant display. The metal unibody design gives a premium look. The display

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Top 5 Best Portable Charges of 2018

No more worries about battery life. It is painful to find your smartphone draining out especially when there is no power outlet nearby. Having a portable charger is always helpful especially while you travel a lot. This is the best way to charge your smartphone on the go. Since it is of utmost importance, you should select the best portable charger that can get the value to your money. With the availability of tons of options, it is a bit overwhelming to choose the best one. Some portable chargers include fast charging, LED flashlights, and built-in cables. Here we have curated our choice of Top 5 Best Portable chargers in UAE. So, let us start to explore the best of the best. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Apart from smartphones, this portable charger is capable enough to charge a MacBook or a Nintendo Switch. It can charge all the devices with

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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers in UAE

Love Music! And looking out for the best portable speakers that you can carry along. Then here is a guide with the Top 5 best Bluetooth Speakers in UAE. There is a huge improvement in the wireless technology and thus we can expect a better sound quality within a small equipment. Bluetooth speaker is the more convenient way to play music at your home or at your holiday spot. Here are the picks that are worth spending money. However, if you prefer great sound quality then portable Bluetooth speakers might not be the best option. UE Boom 2 The UE Boom 2 takes the top position in the list of Best Bluetooth Speakers in UAE. This is due to its compact, durable nature and thanks to the waterproofing nature that makes it the best choice. As for the design, the UE boom 2 has come up minor changes compared to

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Top 5 Best Linux Laptops to Buy in 2018

Searching for the Best laptops that can wisely run on Linux Distro? Here is a guide to the Top 5 Best Linux Laptops in UAE. This will definitely help you to choose the perfect one. Hunting for the best Linux laptops is often overwhelming. This is due to the availability of very few manufacturers who support the open-source platform. The most popular outlets are HP and Dell. However, there are few others who even offer Linux-based laptops and they perform really well. The Linux Laptops come in as an assortment of Ubuntu OS, Elementary OS, and few Linux distributions. With the Intel processor and the discrete graphics chips, you are sure to enjoy high-quality Linux-compatible games. In order to refine your search, we have listed out our choice of Best Linux Laptops in Dubai, UAE that range from premium to pocket-friendly options. Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition There are very

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