Tips & Tricks To Speed Up Internet Connectivity On Your Smartphone

Internet, the most common term that is heard worldwide irrespective of the age and profession. In the present world, the use of internet has become quite common both in personal and professional life. It seems like the world is nothing without access to the Internet. As the Internet connectivity lets you perform a wide range of activities from a single point, thus reducing the hassle of moving around. With the smartphones being increasingly popular, the need for the Internet access on the smartphone has become mandatory. Nowadays it is getting more affordable. From shopping to education, Internet access, especially on the Android smartphones, has become vital. It is quite important to have a speed internet connectivity to stay ahead of the competition. Considering the importance, here we have covered few tips and tricks that can boost up the speed of internet connectivity while working on Android smartphones. Remove Unnecessary applications

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Best Sony Xperia Smartphones to Buy in 2018

Sony is one of the well-known brands in the smartphone market. Though it is not so popular as the tech giant Apple and the South Korean giant Samsung, the new Sony smartphones have grabbed huge attention. Featuring almost similar specs as in the high-end smartphones like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, the Sony Xperia smartphones in UAE are of the popular choice in the recent days. Previously it was known to have the same old design with a hefty look, the latest Xperia handsets have changed it completely with tiny bezels display and premium design. Moreover, the Sony Xperia smartphones of 2018 are available at lower price than the Samsung smartphones and iPhones. Considering the popularity, here we listed out few best Sony Xperia smartphones in Dubai that you can prefer to buy in 2018. Sony Xperia XZ2 The latest Sony flagship smartphone offering top-notch

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Best Apps to Remote Control Android Device Via PC

Why exactly do you need to have a remote control for Android device from a PC? Well! There are several reasons that specify its need. While you are working on a computer and suddenly you are in need of a file that is on your Android smartphone. Then you need to juggle between the phone and PC to transfer your files. This could be quite tedious and what if the file needs to be sent instantly? Suddenly, if your friend or your boss decides to have a conversation instantly, then you need to leave your computer and work on Android device. But what if you can use the same PC to have a conversation by opening one window on your computer? Quite exciting right! So, considering the importance of both the Android device and PC, here we have listed out few apps that let you have a remote control of

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Top 5 Bezel-less Smartphones of 2018

Bezel, the terms that we are often hearing these days. It is nothing but a frame surrounding the display. The current smartphone trend is trying out to reduce or completely remove the frames around the display. Thus yielding a bezel-less smartphone 2018. This is going to be the major innovation in the near future. The bezel-less display gives room for the edge-to-edge display. Since the era of bezel-less smartphones in Dubai is here, we have listed out all those top 5 smartphones in 2018 that offer bezel-less design. Normally, in bezel-less displays, the body to screen ratio will be greater than 84%. We have just listed out our choice of top 5 bezel-less smartphones in UAE and it's your choice to pick the right one. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus The latest Samsung handsets top our list of best bezel-less smartphones in Dubai. Along with the best display screens,

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Best Compact Smartphones To Buy In 2018

While the present generation is looking for the bigger screen smartphones, there are still few people who are in need of the compact smartphone. In fact, the reality is the smartphones with smaller displays are always comfortable to hold and fits into your pocket with an ease. Customers always find the compact smartphones easy to operate as they can be handled with a single hand. Considering the need, here we have sorted out few best compact smartphones in 2018 which hold smaller screen but offer incredible performance. Apple iPhone SE Looking to own a compact Apple iPhone? Then there is nothing better than the Apple iPhone SE that holds smallest screen size. Lowest screen size shouldn’t be mistaken for the lower performance. Despite having the small screen size of 4-inches, the device holds powerful internals. Matching the specs of iPhone 6S, the iPhone SE in Dubai packs A9 chipset with

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Top 5 Best Water Resistant Smartphones For 2018

The recent smartphones can handle water, dust and are ought to be more durable. Considering this feature you need not worry about your smartphone getting wet. So, if you are often working outdoors or staying in the wet conditions very often then you can carry your smartphone without any worries. Now the point is which smartphone is best in terms of water resistance. Here we have listed out our choice of best smartphones 2018 that are IP67/IP68 certified thus making it free from any water damage. These smartphones can resist water for up to 1.5metres. Not only the handsets are water resistant, they are even dust resistant. So, let us have a look at the best smartphones in Dubai that are water resistant. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus After the huge success of Samsung Galaxy S8, the South Korean giant introduced its successors Samsung Galaxy S9 and its plus variant Samsung

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Top 5 Best Smartphones Featuring Bigger Battery

A smartphone is a must-have accessory for this present generation. While it is being used for an entire day, it is always good to hold a device that features bigger battery. In these days, battery issues have become a major concern. Considering these issue, here we have sorted out the list of smartphones with the Top 5 Best smartphones of 2018 that boast bigger battery.   Now that there are several smartphones on the market, it would be quite difficult to find the one that matches your requirements. Here we have covered the smartphones that pack in 4000mAh battery and more. Though the battery size high, the processor in the device plays a prominent role to render better battery life. So, let us have a look at detailed specs of these best smartphones in Dubai for 2018. 1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro The smartphone that received an award for its

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Top Android Smartphones Featuring Controversial iPhone X Notch

Notch! Notch! There is notch everywhere! To go with the trend of full-screen displays, smartphone manufacturers are trying out different ways to make it possible. One of the latest controversial design implemented by the popular iPhone X is notch design. Though it is not encouraged by many fans, still it has become the major part of the design in every smartphone. Almost all the Android smartphone manufacturers are aiming at the same notch concept being implemented. Some of the major manufacturers like Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo have already launched the smartphones with a notch on the top. Here let us have a look at few smartphones that come in with the iPhone X-like notch as a major highlight. Huawei P20 The Huawei P20 looks almost similar to the iPhone X. Apart from the Huawei P20, all the Huawei P20 series are given the same notch design. Now the

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Top 5 Best Android Smartphones For Gaming 2018

Every year there is a huge development in the technology sector, especially in the mobile industry. Gone are the days of the video gaming, the technological advancement gave us the convenience of having fun right from the handset we are holding. Buying a new smartphone means we are getting a new gaming device automatically. While all the latest smartphone is good for gaming, it is always better to narrow down our choice of Android smartphones for gaming 2018. Here is a list of Top 5 Best Android smartphones in UAE that offer better gaming experience than others. While listing out the best smartphone for gaming we considered the factors like display size, storage, processor, battery, and screen resolution. There are still several other smartphones that offer great gaming experience. But, here are few that tops the list of Best Android smartphones for gaming in Dubai. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vs Xiaomi MI Mix 2S

The most popular flagships from the Korean brand is Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. At the same time, the most anticipated flagship from the Xiaomi brand is Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. Both smartphones feature the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. While the Xiaomi MI Mix 2S in UAE is the first handset to feature this latest processor. Last year we have seen in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 which had advanced features but with a smaller display. Now, its time for the no frames screen which is likely to be introduced with Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. As for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in Dubai, it touts the same design as its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and mainly focusing on the camera enhancements. Here, let us compare these latest flagships which can deliver impressive performance with enhanced features. Design & Display First, let us check out the display of these

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