Top 5 Android Tablets of 2017

If you are an Android fan then definitely you will prefer Android OS for your tablet as well. Nowadays you have got a plenty of options in the market. Some have powerful processors and RAM while some are equipped with strong battery life which will keep you going the entire day and some fit easily into your budget. Today we have brought you an array of top five Android tablets which you should consider before buying one:   1. Google Pixel C   Google Pixel C is the amalgamation of all the best things such as beautiful display and design, fast and smooth performance and mighty battery backup. The metallic bodied Android tablet has an LTPS IPS LCD display of 10.2 inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1800 pixels which renders crystal-clear images. The hybrid tablet is quite attractive and is operated by Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) which is upgradable

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Android O’s name may have been finalized and revealed!

  Every year Google releases the higher version of the Android operating system. And as it gets a higher increment, the operating system goes through many vital changes. We had already informed you about the latest operating system from Google, Android 8.0 named as Android O. Android O will most probably release in August and we will finally get to know what "O" stands for. Initially, techies guessed it the "O" could stand for Oreo, but as per the fresh speculations from the internal code of the developers handle, Android O would be Oatmeal Cookie or Oat Cookie. But it is said that Oatmeal Cookie may be the final name of Google's next crucial mobile operating system as it has been flaunted in some Google I/O images, thus the chances are higher. But also we should not ignore the fact that Google frequently makes differences between internal names and trade

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BEWARE!! This Malware Remains Active Even After Being Deleted From PC

  The security specialist at McAfee has discovered a new type of banking malware named Pinkslipbot also known as Qakbot which is a dangerous one because even after being removed by an anti-virus, the malware can still remain active in your PC. This is the specialty of Qakbot malware.   The hazardous virus, a banking Trojan has been active for ten years. It was first found out in 2007, since then it has developed to be more precarious that even after it is deleted it still resides on the computer.   This banking malware primarily targets the US-based enterprises. The malware powers an enormous botnet comprising of more than 500,000 infected PCs that steal almost more than half a million records per day.   The details and names of credit cards, social security numbers, online banking credentials, email passwords, digital certificates, etc. are obtained through keyloggers or Man-in-the-Browser. They stealthily

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10 Unknown Facts About Microsoft That Will Blow Your Mind

Microsoft Corporation has been in the industry for over four decades now. With about 1,28,000 employees worldwide and a revenue of $93.27 Billion, Microsoft is one of the most valuable brands in the world after Apple. Microsoft still stands as the first choice of most of the people and has an undisputed dominance over the computer industry. So, most of the people are always passionate to know about the Microsoft, its people, Bill Gates and road map. So, we have jotted down some mind-blowing facts about the company which you surely don’t know. 1. The Name was “Micro-Soft” Microsoft Was once named Micro-Soft. Well, in the initial days of Microsoft, the company was titled as Micro-Soft. In the year 1976, the hyphen was deleted. The word Microsoft is the combination of microcomputer and software. 2. Employees are called “Softie” Microsoft’s Software employees view themselves as ‘softies’. Rumors are that an

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