How to Recover the Lost Files from your Hard Drive

We cannot imagine our life without computers or laptops, they play an integral part of our lives. We store many important data, music, movies, videos and much more. But what if one day all the information just gets deleted? And you didn’t even have a backup of the all the data. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out with it. You can restore the lost data easily by following the article below: Back up: The moment you store information or any detail, the very first thing which you must do is to create a backup. Do not wait until all your data gets lost. Oh, that’s a terrible feeling! So just imagine that your hard drive is almost dead and can ditch you any moment, so back up your main documents and be free from all worries. Observe your laptop: Do observe your laptop carefully. If your laptop

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Now you can ‘Mute’ People on Facebook Too!

There are some people whom you can’t unfriend or block for some unavoidable reason but you can surely unfollow them so that their posts don't show on your news feed. And now just like the feature of WhatsApp, Facebook is working on a “Snooze” feature. With the help of this feature, you will be able to mute a person temporarily in your friend list or from any page or group. When you are about to mute someone you will see at the top right of the publication, the ‘unfollow’ option, which will ask you to select the time period of 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. After you have set the date range, your news feed will come back to usual, based on the news feed algorithm. This is a very useful feature because sometimes we do get annoyed by some people who keep on post pictures and status

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Here’s How to Find out the Direct Download Link of any Movie

Internet is a place of knowledge as well as entertainment. You can play games, listen to music watch videos, download movies, read various articles or even upload your own content. You can also spend time on various social sites.   Now there are many people who are movie buffs and download their favorite film as it comes online. But have you noticed that whenever you try to download a movie you may come across various download link? People often get confused as to which one is the real link as they all keep blinking. Sometimes you may click on a download link which may divert you to some other page, which is very irritating.   So today we will discuss an easy way by which you can easily download a movie without any hassle.   Method 1: Steps to Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie 2017: Step 1. First

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YouTube Gets A Brand New Look!

YouTube recently added some new features which seem to be pretty interesting. The logo of YouTube also went through some changes. Now you can also change the color of YouTube’s background to black. But this feature is available only on the desktop.   The video-streaming site is calling it as the ‘Dark Theme’. This makes the background black and removes the white color from the sidebar also. As per the company, activating the dark theme cuts down on glare and takes in the true colors of the videos that the user is watching. Follow the step by step procedure to enjoy the latest change in YouTube:   * Open your browser and log in to YouTube with your account * Click on your picture on the right side * Scroll down to find an option that reads 'Dark Theme' * Once you click on it you will see a toggle to

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Valuable Tips to Click Better Photos at Low Light with an Android Phone

Smartphones are not only limited to calling or texting, it is something more beyond that. Smartphones are like mini computers which are capable of offering a number of features which makes our life easy and convenient.   The smartphone companies focus on delivering blazing software with durable and stylish bodies of the device. A camera is another important factor which a consumer keeps in mind while buying a mobile phone. The camera lens is constantly upgraded to attract users.   It is because of these high pixel camera lens we can capture the best moments. Higher the pixel better is the picture quality. We all want to click beautiful, sharp images irrespective of the lighting. So today we have brought you some tips for you which will certainly help to click dazzling pictures whether you are under broad daylight or clicking pictures in the evening.   Follow these methods and

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How to Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device?

People across the world prefer Android over iOS and Windows or any other operating system mainly because the user is able to customize their handsets. Android devices are user-friendly. Talking about the audio, it is one of the important factors of a smartphone. If a smartphone user is not happy with the audio performance of the phone, will try to upgrade the speakers in some way or the other. Android users have the chance to enhance the sound system through many methods. Today we have brought you an article which will help you to refine your Android phone's Android system. Steps to Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device: Step 1 By using the Ainur NERO mod you can increase the audio quality of your Android device. This advanced software is made by the UltraM8s developers. Ainur NERO mod is a unique one as it is different from other popular

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How to Share your iCloud Photos with Non-Apple User?

The iPhone doesn’t have the feature of sharing pictures with a non-iPhone user. So it becomes a little troublesome for the iPhone user when it comes to sharing their iCloud photos. So here we have brought a few easy ways by which you can share your photos with a Non-Apple user. Let’s start: A. Steps to Share your iCloud Photos with Non-Apple User: 1. The first step is to create an album which can be directly shared to others to access all the photos in that album and you can make any of the album of your choice and then give name it of your choice. 2. And now you can put the photos on the album that you want to share with other. 3. Now you need to tap on the album and select the people and then you will see all the default setting for that album there.

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Now Backup Your Entire Computer through Google Drive

Very soon Google will include a brand new feature in Google Drive which will enable you to protect your data and information. In short, the new feature will help the users to backup the entire storage disk of the computer. Most probably on June 28 Most probably on June 28th Google will execute this new feature which will be an application named as Backup and Sync.   You need to put the files inside the Google Drive to create the backup. Soon, Google will detect the backup files inside any folder you point to, which can include the entire document folder, desktop or any other locations.     The users just need to download the application Backup and Sync on their computer and log in with their Google account. They can select the folders or drives to create the backup which can later be used from different devices.   Google

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4 Quick Apps Which Let You Mirror Your Android Phone To Windows PC

The Operating System Android is loved more by consumers across the world, as it can support different kinds of apps and contains many interesting features. Now wouldn’t it be great if you can access your Android smartphone directly on your large screened laptop or desktop? You will have a different experience altogether when you will be using the Android interface right on your computer screens. So let’s get started as to learn how this entire process works. There are many apps which let you control your Android mobile through your PC. TeamViewer Quick Support If you have TeamViewer Quick Support application on your PC and Android phone, then you can easily control the phone from your PC without rooting. 1st Step: You should download the TeamViewer Quick Support app on your Android handset. 2nd Step: Install TeamViewer Quick Support software on your computer. 3rd Step: Now you need to open

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Learn To Create Coding Free Android Apps With These Softwares

Ever thought of creating your own Android application but taken a back step following the tedious coding and programming process involved in it? I am sure you must have at some point of it. Terms like coding, debugging, compiling, HTML and other programming languages could sound alien to someone, not from a technical background. But don't worry as we got you the perfect solution to this. Now imagine if we tell you that it is feasible to create Android apps sans coding? Yes, you heard it right. We bring you a list of Softwares which allows you to create your own customized Application without the hassle of programming language. Moreover, it bets to save a lot of time and money as well. In fact, it could be profit-making too. Exciting isn't it? Okay so let's get started. Andromo Andromo is so easy to access that anyone can create an Android

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