Four amazing Android apps you didn’t know could detect intruders trying to unlock your phone!

There are almost a billion reasons why Android smartphones are the highest selling handsets worldwide. Besides its amazing features and user-friendly approach, Android can also provide the best security to protect the privacy of the data in your handset. Ever thought of somebody attempting to unlock your handset in your absence and you being completely unaware of it? Certainly, you must have! Now consider the possibility, if I reveal to you that you can design your smartphone to take noiseless selfies each time somebody enters a wrong secret key or PIN. It would flabbergast you, correct? Not just that. Along with the photographs of the gatecrasher, the App can also send the location of your gadget to your email address without cautioning the individual. In this blog, we bring you some of the best Android apps which can be extremely useful to secure your device. We will also guide you

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