Hacker Who Stopped WannaCry Malware Has Been Arrested!

We hope you very well remember the WannaCry malware which within a short span of time speedily spread in the web and computer systems of almost 150 countries. It stole many important and confidential data for which many people lost their hard earned cash and information.



When many great minds and tech geek could not control it, Marcus Hutchins, a young hacker accidentally stopped the ransom ware from further spreading it. But now the 22-year-old computer expert, Marcus, has been charged in connection with a US cybercrime investigation that started long before his WannaCry heroics. He was held while attending the DEFCON security conference in Las Vegas. He was arrested by the FBI in connection with Kronos.

As per reports, Hutchins has helped to create and spread Kronos Trojan between 2014 and 2015. Kronos is a banking trojan which spreads through email with attachments like compromised word documents.

A spokesperson from the U.S Department of Justice said Marcus Hutchins was arrested for “his role in creating and distributing the Kronos banking Trojan,”. According to the reports from Motherboard, an indictment was filed in Wisconsin District Court which claims that Hutchins wrote Kronos in 2014 and also offered to sell the malware to a user on an internet forum.

Hutchins also posted a video which shows the full potential of Kronos Malware. The accusation also claims that Hutchins sold the malware on AlphaBay which is a dark web site that was shut down by a global law enforcement operation in July.

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