Here Is How You Can Make Your Android Phone Into an iPhone

People are crazy for iPhones. However, there are many people who cannot afford to buy the expensive Apple handsets. So today we are going to share some applications, which you can download and install on your Android devices and get the total feel of iPhone.

These do not hamper the performance of your phone. Instead, enhances the overall performance of the device and also gives a new look to the software making you feel as if you are using an iPhone.

Here is the list of apps which you can download on your Android phone from Google Play Store-

1. One Launcher

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One of the most user-friendly apps, One Launcher is a well-known app. This app doesn’t create any heating issues with your Android devices. Once you install this app your mobile’s interface looks almost like an iPhone.



2. Flui Icon Pack

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This app will offer with some amazing icons which comprise of more than 800 icons in its stores. The icons look similar to iOS but are even more attractive.



3. iLauncher

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Once you download and install iLauncher your Android phone will get a brand new makeover. You will feel as if you are holding a new phone. It gives an iOS-like home screen with many customization options. It doesn’t interfere with the phone’s performance at all.



4. Launcher 8 Pretty

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This app consists of fewer features but the most attractive part is once you get it you will feel like operating an iPhone. Since it has fewer features, it doesn’t cause any harm to your smartphone.

5. i6 Plus Launcher

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i6 Plus launcher is a new application. It is equipped with beautiful HD wallpapers. This app gives an iPhone look to your handset. The settings are manageable and are easy to understand.



So that’s it! Try to download and use the above-mentioned apps and enjoy the look of iPhone on your Android devices. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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