Here Is the World’s First Android Smartphone Featuring Massive 512GB Storage And Face ID

As the mobile technology is advancing, a wide range of innovative features is being introduced thus giving the way to improvise. The recent reports hint towards the Android smartphone featuring 512GB of massive storage along with Face ID. The facial recognition is ought to be more advanced than the Apple iPhone X.


Huawei To Integrate Better Face ID

Yes! the popular manufacturer Huawei is said to have these two interesting features in its upcoming smartphone. The Chinese manufacturer claims to be working on the smartphone that can have a better biometric recognition. Moreover, it will be cheaper than expected and occupies less space. Thus, it is confirmed that the futuristic Huawei phones will have a notch design but with less size. Instead of those structured light sensors, it might be using time-of-flight sensors which may take few months of time to be integrated after its production.

The Huawei would be one among those manufacturers preferring to include face ID. However, this could be the first to implement the same according to few sources. The iPhone X TrueDepth technology works with a laser that analyses the face with the camera using infrared detection. It is likely that Huawei may prefer using different technology to make it better than the TrueDepth sensor.


As for the storage, Huawei will be the first one to offer 512GB storage. This may not be possible for Huawei P20, but it is likely to show off in the special edition-Porsche edition. In December 2017, Samsung has started manufacturing 512GB chip and said to be available in the market this year. So, probably we can see the mobile phones with this massive storage in 2019. There is even a chance that Samsung might be including the 512GB chip in its own brand before making it available in the market. Irrespective of the manufacturer, we can see the Android smartphone with 512GB of storage in the near future.

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