Honor 6X Review

Huawei made its reputation in the world of smartphones by introducing very reasonable smartphones with competitive features. Huawei honor is the series that gained much popularity in the market because of its affordability factor combined with high performance offering a complete package for smartphone lovers. Honor 6X doesn’t fail to impress in this matter either.



Although Honor 5X had a lot to offer, it still missed out on a few factors that made the release of honor 6X more meaningful and anticipated. The size of the phone is rather small, making it look like a mini version of Mate 9 by Huawei with a metal back complemented by plastic top and bottom finished with curvilinear edges that make it different from its predecessors. Overall, the design is rather simple with enhanced and upgraded features to make live up to the expectations from it. For example, the display of the phone is outstanding on the 5.5 inches 1080 LCD with clear, crisp and vibrant quality results to satisfy the visual senses of its users. Moreover, the glass screen is protected with a protector to ensure safety. However, the design is rather overshadowed by it and doesn’t compliment it according to the critics.

Along with a good display, the Honor 6X Dubai also offers a great battery life that is one of the major concerns regarding smartphones. All the great features of a phone are of no interest to the users until and unless they can enjoy them for a long period of time without having to charge the phone again and again! With its own processor, the Kirin 655, Huawei 6X lets the users enjoy all sorts of apps and games ensuring a smooth experience. The battery is guaranteed to run for the whole day with an average usage of the most common apps, for example, social media, emails, messaging and browsing as well. Even if you do run out of battery, the Huawei 6X doesn’t take much time and going up to 100% all over again! Just put it on charge for an hour and you will be able to run the battery again for another day and a half!

It is a good option for personal as well as professional use as the phone also supports dual SIM option so the users can operate two numbers at a time. However, it has micro USB port instead of USB – C port which would have been more helpful for the users.

Supported by the 12 – megapixel sensor, the Huawei 6X is a perfect companion to go on trips with as it lets you capture sharp images with great color quality even in low light conditions! The front camera is supported by an 8-megapixel camera which is also good enough to capture selfies with controlled focus and details in the whole composition. Different modes can also be used to take full advantage of the camera in user’s favor. Store your data on the phone as the fingerprint sensor keeps it secure and lets you access it with ease.

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