Honor 7X: The Best Budget Gaming Powerhouse

It is quite tedious to find the perfect phone, especially for gaming. After revealing the more detailed plan of Honor 7X at CES 2018 announcement session, there is nothing seem to better gaming powerhouse than the Huawei’s Honor 7X. Mobile gaming has become common and popular these days. This popularity is pushing the developers to introduce more features with detailed graphics.


The Honor 7X was designed to handle intensive games like Arena of Valor and Vainglory without any issues. Apart from the gaming, Honor 7X also focused on the camera. The phone is set to auto-rotate based on the device position and your face position. So, now you can play games laying in bed comfortably. You need not off the auto-rotate option. The device will automatically recognize that your face is not viewing the device in vertical position.

The Honor 7X sports powerful hardware with a Kirin 659 processor and a GPU. With the processor, it is capable of running gracefully every game that you download. Apart from the fast processor and GPU, it features 3GB of RAM that is quite helpful in multitasking. It even allows games to download quickly. The Huawei’s flagship holds 32GB of internal storage that is further extendable up to 256GB. This ensures that you can install a lot more games without any hassles. It is hard to find such gaming experience in the affordable budget.


While processor offers high-end gaming experience, the display screen surely adds value to the device. Unlike the remaining phones in this budget, the Honor 7X ships in with 5.9-inches display with a wide aspect ratio of 18:9 and a screen resolution at 2160 X 1080 pixels. The display works great and works well for gaming. Of course, to have an immersive gaming experience, large screens play a prominent role.

All these specified factors add value to the Honor 7X and make it an ideal choice especially for the mobile avid gamers. You can even check out the Xiaomi new Black Shark gaming smartphone that is intended for release in 2018. Read the complete Xiaomi Black Shark review here.

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