Honor Play: The Mid-Range Gaming Smartphone With GPU Turbo

Huawei Honor has released its mid-range gaming smartphone Honor Play. As we know smartphones are evolving with time with new and innovative features in it. There was a time when phones were only used for the communication purpose, then the technological advancement occurred and phones were turned smarter and called as smartphones. Initially, smartphones were introduced with few of the smart options but with time the device turned into the mini-computer. It was compacted with all the necessary features of the computer.

2Now the next big target of the smartphone industry is to bring the smartphone with the maximum entertainment for its users. Even Apple was blamed recently for bringing such features and entertainment that user is stuck to the screen without realizing the time usage. For that purpose, Apple took the initiative and introduced the Digital Health App so that the user can control and notice its time spent on the smartphone.


Moving on, the big brands are still in the battle of bringing the best entertainment in the smartphone. For that reason, the companies are now focused towards making gaming smartphones. The gaming smartphones are completely dedicated to the gaming purpose and are packed up with the advanced features to provide full gaming experience.  Recently few of the brands have come up with the powerful gaming smartphones, including in the run Nubia red magic gaming smartphone, Xiaomi black shark, Razor phone and recently launched Asus ROG phone.


Huawei  Honor has also taken the initiative as the Chinese company spends a lot on the R&D and brings great technological advance features every time. This time Huawei Honor has brought some amazing features in the affordable smartphone for the gamers. Honor has just announced two new phones, the mid-range Honor 9i and the Honor Play with a new feature called “GPU Turbo” that helps improve the mobile gaming experience. The company has also revealed how this GPU Turbo feature functions.


GPU Turbo

GPU Turbo is the feature introduced in Honor Play to maximize the gaming experience. The brand tried and tested the features on the budget smartphones which proved that the mid-range smartphones are also able to keep with the multi-thread GPU performance of flagship smartphones. It was achieved by limiting the traditional graphics framework at a lower level than simple software features. GPU Turbo depends on hardware-software integrated GPU acceleration to alter how the GPU manages graphics processing. By this process, it not only enhances the overall performance of the GPU, but it also influences power productivity to a certain limit. GPU Turbo is able to increase overall GPU performance by 60% while also reducing SoC power consumption by 30%. This shall improve the performance of traditional mobile games on mid-range and high-end smartphones, but it will support both AR and VR in the future. The Honor Play will be the first smartphone to feature this new technology but it will also be coming to existing devices with the upcoming update.


4D Gaming Experience

The other big gaming upgrade is that to introduce “4D” haptic responses types when playing games. This includes the different sort of vibrations for specific actions in-game, such as explosions and gunfire. It is expected to be more Xbox One impulse trigger vibration and not the usual smartphone vibration.



Honor Play has Kirin 970 chipset, runs with Android 8.1 Oreo and EMUI 8.2 out of the box, so it comes with the latest optimizations.  The screen is 6.3” screen with a 19:9 aspect ratio and 1,080 x 2,280 px resolution. Basic model with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage and expected an upgraded model with 6GB of RAM. The Honor Play packs a 3,750 mAh battery. Moreover, the smartphone has a 16 MP + 2 MP dual rear camera with the identification of over 500 scenes, powered by the NPU, Kirin’s AI core. The 16 MP front camera does 3D portrait lighting, just like iPhone.


Honor Play Price And Release Date

At the launch event, the company revealed pricing and release date as well. The base model of the Honor Play will cost the USA $310 while the 4GB model with 64GB of internal storage increases the price a bit to the USA $375. The Honor Play can be pre-ordered now but the sales start from 11 June 2018.

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