How to Protect Yourself From Mobile Data Collection

A smartphone is incomplete without an internet connection. Almost everyone browses the net from their phones from anywhere or at any time. But one should also be careful that there are many malware and virus which when enters your system may corrupt or hijack it by stealing all your personal and important info.


The hackers collect the user's data which helps them in marketing and serves many other purposes. All these data are collected through the apps and portals that you use online that takes you data store them in their database. Later on, this information is sold to different agencies who use it illegally.


So today we have brought you an article which will help you to protect your data without being leaked to such malicious apps. Carefully go through this guide and secure your devices-


  1. Search Engine:



Google, one of the world's largest search engine and also many other search engines follow the keywords, which means you are not at all private. Also, there are many search engines which will surely like to use as they will not keep track of your search engines.


As these search engines can use their data in their production, so you don't need to use the browsers that do not track your history. These are the trusted browsers which will secure your privacy. So you should use these search engines.


  1. Mobile Ads:



The world of internet is a smart one. There are many Android apps that access user data in various ways. The ads that get displayed on the apps and asks you to enter your details, is sold to third party agencies. They also record your activity with per click on the ads. So avoid such things which will hamper your privacy.

  1. Location Tracking:



There are many apps and websites which check your location and also pops up many ads and campaigns, these all are a part of targeted marketing.


So this app controls by just using the VPN or disables the location tracking in your smartphones so that no one can track your actual location.


  1. Cookies:



The cookies in our smartphones store data which the third party agencies can utilize the session cookies to enhance their display campaigns.


For example, when you visit any shopping site and search for any product and then you visit some other shopping site with ads then you will see the same type of product which you searched for, this happened because of the cookies.


And if anyone by chance steals your cookies then it can be used to make your account login and thus it can be in danger. So the best way is you should clear the cookies every now and then, or use the add-ons for your browser which will not let the networks to monitor your cookies.


Do follow this tutorial which will secure your data and information. This will protect your privacy and not allow your personal info to be leaked.

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