HTC and Motorola Don’t Throttle Old Batteries as Apple Does

Remember the buzz about the news of Apple throttling old iPhones? Of course, you do remember right! it is a matter of top giant Apple. With this news, we wonder if other Android smartphone manufacturers also slow down the processor based on the age of the battery.  Since Android often follows Apple iPhone’s features, there is every chance of Android copying this so-called “feature” without any intimation.


The Verge took the initiative to reach out the top Android manufacturers regarding the same. HTC and Motorola were first to respond and explicitly confirmed that they don’t throttle the old batteries as Apple does.

HTC Spokesperson says designing phones with throttling processor performance “is not something we do.”

Motorola Spokesperson confirms by saying that “We do not throttle CPU performance based on older batteries.”

These two quotes from the top manufacturers add more salt to the story. In fact, we are waiting to hear from even other Top Android phone manufacturers Google, LG, Samsung and Sony.

Recently Apple admitted to slow down their phones with the older batteries. Apple further stressed that this is not a bug. Instead, it claims that this is an upgrade that prevents the iPhone from getting into serious issues. Despite this explanation, Apple was sued by many of its unsatisfied customers for the slowdown of iPhone performance without any notification.


Apple implemented this feature of a slowdown of the processor in iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. The iPhone 7 also had the same feature. Apple further has plans to implement the same support in its future devices as well. Furthermore, Apple not yet clear that the replacement of batteries could improve the performance level.

However, this is definitely a frustrating issue for the iPhone owners who are suddenly finding slow down their device after an update.

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