Huawei is Also working on a “Flexible Smartphone”

Just a week back Huawei presented with their latest Mate 10 series-Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro and the Mate 10 Porsche Edition. And now the CEO of the Chinese company announced that they are working on a flexible display phone.


The Chief Executing Officer, Richard Yu stated that their next smartphone will feature a flexible display. But this project of Huawei won’t be an easy one! It requires a proper mechanical design, better technology so that the display bends smoothly. So it is expected that the flexible Huawei smartphone will be in markets by 2018.

ZTE was the first one to come up with a flexible display smartphone. They have also discussed the ZTE Axon M, which features two screens that join together to make a single panel of 6.75 inches. But there is a gap between both the screens.

Huawei should make sure that the same issue doesn’t arise in the upcoming flexible device.


Even Samsung is working on a flexible device known as Samsung Galaxy X which may be presented at the Mobile World Congress. As of now much of information could not be collected. We have to wait for some more time for the company to give us the official information on the bendable devices.

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