Huawei Challenges Apple’s Face ID Feature

Since the iPhone X launch, the Face ID feature has become popular and has been in the news very often. Now, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei is challenging the tech giant Apple with the Face ID. Huawei has announced they have developed 10 times better facial recognition technology than Apple.


At the launch of Honor V10, the firm was quite confident about its technology when compared to other manufacturers. In the V10 presentation, the company showed a glance of the depth-sensing camera system that they may implement in the upcoming smartphones.

The camera works with infrared rays and a projector creating a 3D model of the user. The new depth-sensing camera system captures 300,000 data points. This is 10 times greater than the data captured in the Face ID of iPhone X.


However, in order to create a 3D image of a user, it may take around 10 seconds which is quite a bit longer time. The organization is claiming that even this time will be reduced to milliseconds once everything is sorted.

Huawei further added that this system is more secure enough especially while dealing with the transactions. Apart from this, Huawei is also working on more advanced animated emojis.

Huawei has still not revealed the name of the models in which they will implement their latest features. But it is quite clear that the Chinese brand is planning to introduce facial recognition technology that is 10 times better than Apple.

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