Huawei Files a New Patent for A Foldable Smartphone

Foldable Smartphones, the term we have been listening to since few years. It is ought to be the future of smartphone market and is likely to replace tablets and PCs. The foldable phones are the best pocket-friendly option for those looking for the bigger display screen to enjoy videos, games and more. After the alleged Samsung Galaxy X, it is now the Huawei that is in news for filing a patent with a foldable display.


The Huawei CEO Richard Yu revealed the fact of the foldable phone last October. The Chinese company has filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which was published by the company recently including its images. From the images, it is shown that the model is not similar to ZTE Axon M that holds two displays connected by a hinge. In fact, the rendered image forecasts a single display which is flexible enough to be folded. It reminds of the mechanism implemented in the Microsoft Surface Book. The mechanism lets the smartphone unfold into a tablet and vice-versa. When folded, the device will have the same dimensions as a regular smartphone.

The patent doesn’t show off how the device actually works when unfolded into a tablet. However, it is presumed to have a flexible material probably a glass or any other unbreakable material holding the same nature. We are not sure when the Chinese company will bring the foldable phones into the market. There is even a chance that the foldable display concept may just remain a patent.


However, we are still waiting to have a hands-on experience on the first smartphone that features a foldable display. It can be either from Samsung or Huawei or any other smartphone manufacturer. The rumors further hint about the Samsung Galaxy X release. Considering the difficulties with the foldable display, the rumored foldable galaxy smartphone may not be available in the near future. Apart from the Samsung, the tech giant Apple is also working on the foldable iPhone that is planned for release in 2020.

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