Huawei Foldable Phone May Appear Ahead of Samsung Foldable Smartphone in November

While the speculations are rolling around about the existence of Huawei foldable smartphone, the new rumors surfaced online about the Huawei foldable phone release date. One of the trusted sources reveals that the company is planning to launch its innovative smartphone in November. Do remember that it might not go on for sales immediately after the launch. Rumors claim that the Huawei is implementing the foldable concept with the inward design.


Along with the Huawei, Samsung and Apple are also known to be working on foldable design smartphones. Until now, the South Korean giant was rumored to be the first manufacturer to come up with such concept. But the new renders claim it to be false as Huawei is planning it to launch the foldable smartphone ahead of Samsung. The flexible OLED displays are ought to be manufactured by the LG. This is not the first time we have heard about the foldable phone concept. Meanwhile, the tech giant Apple is also in works for the flexible display smartphone.

If rumors are to be true, then the Chinese company will be the first company to create a new trend by delivering innovative technology. While the edge to edge display initially made the debut with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and moved on to the next generation smartphones. Now the trend is all about the foldable smartphone concept that is likely to appear in the futuristic handsets. The Samsung Galaxy X that is considered to be the Samsung foldable phone was in rumors for a long time. However, we are still awaiting the Samsung Galaxy X launch. Though not with a flexible display, ZTE launched an Axon M smartphone that holds in two different screens.


Considering the rumors and leaks, it is clear that the race is on for the next generation technology. The foldable smartphone concept may appear a bit strange for now, but it is said to offer all those features as in regular touchscreen handset. Along with the bigger display, the device is likely to carry powerful processor, flexible nature, and stunning design.

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