Huawei Mobile Copies Apple’s Face ID Technology

The feature which makes iPhone X a unique smartphone is the Face ID technology. The latest iPhone x does not feature any home button, so the device is unlocked by the face ID. The job of the face ID is to recognize the user’s face in any lighting conditions and unlock the smartphone.

Huawei Mobile

The company claims that the Face ID feature is more accurate than the fingerprint sensor. But of late there have been many cases where the face ID was easily fooled by people. But if the smartphone companies keep adding the Facial recognition feature instead of the Touch ID sensor then very soon the fingerprint sensor will be out of the picture.

Huawei Mobile

Recently, Huawei unveiled the Honor V10 which captures 300,000 points which is 10 times more than the iPhone X captures. The Huawei mobile uses an infrared camera and a projector to create a 3D map of the user’s face. And just like Apple iPhone X, the Honor V10 will be used to unlock the phone and also play an important role in payments.

Huawei Mobile

Huawei has claimed that their face ID technology is far more accurate and better than that of Apple's.

The Huawei mobile also features Animoji which copies the facial expression of the users to create Animoji. An Animoji is the combination of an emoji and human expression.

Huawei Mobile

The Chinese Company didn’t mention the handsets which will comprise the latest feature. It is expected that in future many smartphone manufacturers may adopt the Apple’s exclusive feature.

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