Huawei P11’s New Camera Technology Competes with iPhone X Face ID

Thanks to Apple technological excellence that brings in many innovative features including Face ID, Animoji and the controversial notch design. The Chinese tech giant is following the same path. It is planning to integrate similar features in its Android flagship Huawei P11.

Huawei P11

As we all know that all the major smartphone manufacturers are looking forward to CES and MWC event to exhibit their innovative products. Even Huawei is about to unveil the Huawei P11 in one of these events. The P11 is different in terms of design and features, from its predecessors.

It may likely to feature three camera lens. With the dual cameras being a common occurrence, Huawei P11 concept of adding another lens is quite different.

The upcoming Huawei P11 may have the same notch design and also features the camera technology that competes with Apple iPhone X Face ID. The new Point Cloud Depth Camera of Huawei renders similar features as with iPhone X TrueDepth camera sensor. The Huawei P11 would be the first smartphone that incorporates this technology.

Huawei P11

The main objective of the Point Cloud Depth Camera technology is biometric facial recognition and for animations. Huawei claims that this would be more secure and accurate than Apple. The face ID tech can unlock the device within 400ms.

In addition, rumours even suggest that the upcoming flagship may also have 5X optical zoom technology that makes it stand above all other smartphones featuring only 2X optical zoom.

The Chinese company is also working on to provide its own new Animoji’s. It further says these Animoji’s will be far better than iPhone X Animoji.

Huawei P11

We never knew which of the rumours is true. But we will surely find it out in the official launch of Huawei P11 in UAE. Until then, everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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