Huawei Takes a Dig at Samsung!

Huawei recently launched Mate 10 series pokes fun at Samsung for its battery life. Few video commercials posted on YouTube specify that Huawei is superior in some features than Samsung.


It is a known fact that Samsung and Huawei compete for each other in all aspects.  They are among the tech giants rolling over in the world. It is obvious that they prefer best strategies to make their product look better.

Let us recall that Huawei Mate 10 made its debut a month ago. Since then it has always been on the top list of gadgets to avail in 2017. The spectacular feature of 4000 mAh battery makes it more powerful than any other high-end gadgets.

In the present world, where there is a regular usage of mobile technology, it is important to have a device that provides longer battery backup. Considering the high usage of mobiles, Huawei concentrated more on battery backup.

In one of the videos uploaded, Huawei made it clear that it is hard to live with the device that needs to get charged often. Though the competing model is not specified, it is clearly known that Huawei is trying to make fun of Samsung.

In the video, it was shown that with Samsung, the device needs to be charged either through socket or power bank very often. But with Mate 10, the user will not have this problem too often.


Huawei further added two other commercials, in which it is compared with few other Smartphones. Mate 10 features Kirin 970 processor to provide smoother performance. Rear camera lens used to ensure better image recognition.

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