Huawei Is Working On Its Own Mobile OS As An Android Alternative

Huawei, one of the well-known Chinese brands in the smartphone market is rumoured to be working on the mobile OS that serves as an Android alternative. The recent ban of ZTE in using the American products and service, made the Chinese sector to be under the threat of losing Google’s Android license. Even the Chinese manufacturer is in the same threat and is looking out for the alternative as a backup. Apart from this, there are several other reasons for Huawei to explore its own OS.

huawei-working-on-its-own-mobile-os-to-reduce-dependency-on-android-report-505573-2One of the reasons could be to reduce the dependence on software on other companies. Currently, some of the Huawei smartphones run on MediaTek processor, but it is not sure if it can serve the same purpose as Android. Considering all these issues, the Chinese company started to build their own mobile OS as an alternative to Android. Few rumours say that Huawei has been developing the operating system since 2012 and the latest leaks suggest the company have started working on OS for tablets and computers. Despite its availability, Huawei may not be unveiling the OS in the near future. Ren Zhengfei, the Huawei’s founder says it as a “Worst-case scenarios”.

However, it seems like the company is all prepared for developing a Huawei mobile without the core OS, Android. Developing the new OS is not a new practice in the smartphone industry. While Huawei is working on it now, other Chinese company OnePlus is known to ship the smartphones with different OS based on the location the device is sold. For example, the OnePlus device uses Oxygen OS in the US, the same phone runs on Hydrogen OS in China. Even the South Korean giant has an OS alternative Tizen that has already made its way to some of the smartphones.


As for Huawei, it is still unclear on the platform that Huawei’s OS will be based on. Even though they develop such mobile OS, will it have all those Google Play services as in Android OS? If rumours are to be believed, then it is sure that Huawei has to struggle a lot to bring out the new OS into the market and make it popular. Along with the new OS, it is speculated that Huawei is in works on the foldable phone that may launch in the near future.

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