Instagram Adds In-App Payment Feature For Selected Users

Are you an Instagram user? Don’t get confused if you see a payment option in your application. Yes! Instagram has quietly launched the in-App payment feature that is made available to the selected users. The feature will roll out to across the world in the near future. The new Instagram payment feature lets the users add the card details along with a secured pin. Once added, you can continue shopping online via Instagram.


Until now, the brands can only advertise their products on this popular application. But now, the Facebook-owned app now allow different brands to sell their goods and services using this latest feature. This was first spotted by TechCrunch, following which even the Insta user was able to see it in his profile. Later on, the Instagram has confirmed the fact that this native payment system is limited only to few advertising business partners like restaurants, reservations or salons. With this new feature, Instagram would definitely be the best source, especially for those popular brands to have a successful business.

Moreover, this is the most convenient method of online shopping. It allows the users to have quick purchase as the card details are already stored. And you need not leave the app to complete your purchase. The Instagram payment feature follows the same rules as Facebook payment that was launched earlier.

In March 2017, Instagram announced that “we’ll roll out the ability to book a service with a business directly from their profile later this year”.

Since then there was no note mentioning the launch of native payment method. Though a quiet launch, this new feature is the way that allows the ability to a book a service using Instagram. With over 800 million monthly users, the popular brands can be sure of getting plenty of business after Instagram makes this in-app payment available worldwide. Apart from this, Instagram is about to receive the most-awaited group video call feature.

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