Instagram Latest Update Adds In New ‘Focus’ Mode to Shoot Portrait Images

Instagram just released a new update that adds in a new mode called ‘Focus’ that allows shooting portrait images. This portrait mode blurs the background and highlights the main picture of the shot. Apart from the selfie camera, the users have the feasibility to access the portrait mode even from the rear camera. According to the firm, this feature can be availed with the Instagram version 39.0.


Since the portrait mode was introduced in the iPhones, almost all the Android smartphones are trying out to include this feature. However, only a few smartphones were able to integrate this feature into the smartphone. Other smartphones allow downloading third party application to enjoy the portrait mode. Instagram, one of the popular social app introduced the new feature called ‘Focus’ to make the portrait mode available to millions of users. You can choose the Focus mode from the camera UI of the Instagram app.

Instagram Focus Mode is similar to iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode

While clicking pics, just select this mode to blur the background. Once activated, it will detect the faces and blurs the remaining part of the screen. However, the quality of this application still remains questionable. With this mode, you will have the chance to add in some artistic tweaks to the photos before you share it on the application. This Focus feature mode is similar to the one in iPhone 7 Plus which got the feature with iOS 11.1 update. While Apple is using two cameras to achieve this effect, Instagram is just making use of the software to achieve the same effect even with the single camera.


This new feature is available only for the selected Android smartphones of 2018, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and more. Apart from Focus, Instagram is even rolling out other feature called @mentionsticker for iOS devices. This allows the user to tag their friend in the post with an ease. The user has the feasibility to change the position of the sticker and edit it according to the requirement. It is still unknown of when this feature will be made available to the Android users. Along with the increasing popularity, the Instagram is trying to include attractive features that let to have an impressive experience.

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