Instagram And WhatsApp To Get Group Video Call Feature

After the most happening Facebook F8 event, there are a lot of unexpected news that has been announced at the event. One of the features is group video call and chats that are expected to arrive on both Facebook and Instagram with the future updates. This was the most awaited feature that was lagging in these two popular social apps.


In WhatsApp, group video call was something that users have been waiting for a long time. Finally, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is receiving the feature. Stickers are quite exciting! So, Bang on! WhatsApp is even adding stickers with the new update. As for the Instagram, it is rolling out some exciting features with the future update. Well! One of the features will be the video chat and other being the redesigned Explore page. This means you can now browse the content based on your interest. The Instagram video chat feature is in a testing phase for now and is likely to be made global very soon.

As with other apps that support video chat, even Instagram features a new camera icon. Just a single tap on the icon next to direct messaging thread lets you start a video call with the people you want. The feature works with individual contacts as well for the groups. Though the specific details of the new feature are unknown, it is presumed to support at least 4 people to join the video call/chat.



It is even rumoured to get more advanced features that make it better. This includes the ability to mute certain accounts/users that they follow. Once muted, the user will not get messages from such followers. This doesn’t mean that the account is blocked or unfollowed. Whenever you require, you can un-mute the contact to receive messages. Well! All the specified features seem to be interesting and exciting. We need to wait for the future update to know about the latest features. Instagram is also planning to introduce in-app payment feature that lets the user complete the payment without leaving the app.

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