Instead of Buying the Expensive iPhone X, Invest Your Money This Way

With the release of the iPhone, X people thronged the Apple Stores to get the extravagant iPhone X. The iPhone price is insanely high and is the most expensive smartphone from Apple.

When the price of the new Apple iPhone was announced netizens made fun of the price saying that some people may sell their kidney to get the iPhone X. Some even ridiculed Apple for keeping the price so high as everybody couldn’t afford it.

And now we have brought you 10 beautiful ideas which will make you think twice to buy the vivacious Apple iPhone X and instead invest your valuable money somewhere else-

1. 1,210 kilos of Jasmine Rice


Food is a basic requirement of any living being. An average individual consumes 6.5 kilograms of rice each month. Now that is a monthly supply of rice for almost 190 people. Spend your money wisely!


2. Travel the World


Today you will buy the iPhone X and just after some time another new version of it will come up. So don’t you think instead you should go to a new place with your family? Enjoy the beautiful place and enjoy your vacation. The amount you will spend in iPhone X spent it in visiting places like Armenia, Maldives, Russia, Bali, or Cambodia.


3. Get a full stock of your baby diapers


Is there a newborn at your place? If yes then let us tell you that you will be able to purchase 274 packets of baby diapers at AED 170 for each packet. So you can change your baby’s diapers 5 times a day for approx. 390 days.


4. 108 movie tickets


If you are a movie lover then you can go out for movies with your friends for a whole year. Then why would anyone go for the expensive device?


5. 13 months of 10 Mbps internet


Another option is to get a 13Mbps internet speed for 13 whole months and it is quite enough for two members of a family.


6. 249 cups of cappuccino & 4099 cups of tea


If you love coffee over anything else then you can have approx. 249 cups of cappuccino at around AED 16.46 on an average. Or if you are tea addict then you can have 4099 cups of tea for AED 1 per cup. Isn’t it a great idea?


7. 1 Month rent of a 400 sq.ft studio apartment


If you live alone by renting a studio apartment then you have to sacrifice a month’s rent to buy the new Apple iPhone.


8. 19 buffet dinners at a luxurious hotel


In place of purchasing the iPhone X, you can indulge in a sumptuous dinner for 19 evenings in a luxurious hotel.


9. 11 months’ worth of 30-day Nol card pass


You can use the metro card in Dubai’s public transport for 11 long months, invest your money smartly.


 10. 525 dozens of eggs


Instead of buying the high-priced phone you can spend the money on buying 525 dozen of eggs that is 6336 large eggs. A huge source of protein.

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