iOS 11 Responsible for High Battery Drainage in iPhone

As the iOS 11 was made public, the Apple users got their devices updated to the latest software. People had high expectations from the latest software update. However, just after the release, the users are facing a battery problem.


The iOS devices after the update have become power hungry, the iPhone is draining out much faster than the previous version of iOS.


Wandera has conducted a test in more than 50,000 iPhones and iPads with intensive usage profiles and found out that all those who had upgraded to iOS 11 were facing severe battery drainage, twice the speed of the previous software iOS 10.

In the data collected by Wandera, it was found that an iOS handset took 240 minutes to go down to 0% from 100%. Whereas, in case of iOS 11, in just 96 minutes the battery goes down to 0% from 100%.

Wandera drew out three possible situations-
The first point is the normal reindexing that Spotlight does after the upgrade. The next possibility could be testing all the new features offered by the iOS 11 which is causing such a huge battery problem.

Another possibility could be the extensive use of camera because of the Animoji, Face Recognition of the iPhone X, these features lead to the high consumption of the battery. Even the latest Bionic A11 processor could also be responsible.

If these factors are really responding to the high consumption of the battery, then Apple should work on it to solve the problem. It is because the problem of the battery is a serious issue.

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