iOS 12 – Release Date, News, Rumors and More

Apple is already in works on the next update of iOS which runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. While the detailed information is not yet known, but the recent rumors specify the news, features and expected changes in the new update- iOS 12.


We expect the iOS 12 to address all the issues with the last update without comprising on the performance and quality. It is likely that Apple may hold off implementing all new features with iOS 12 and instead concentrate on issues. Here in this article, let us take a roundup of rumors speculating around iOS 12 which is expected to launch in 2018.

Release Date

We expect the debut of iOS 12 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The exact dates and schedule of this conference are not yet shared. But, it may likely to take place at sometime in June. Following its release, it will be shared with the developers for testing. Later it is given to the Apple’s beta testing group before making it available to the regular public.


The actual release of the iOS 12 into the public will be in September. It is expected that Apple also launches few more new models at the same time. Rumors do not confirm any name of these next-generation phones. But, there is every chance for the launch of the lower version of iPhone X with LCD screen and the rumored iPhone 9.

Rumored Features

It is expected that Apple is planning to integrate many features into iOS 12, and those which iOS 11 never had. Few features include dark mode, user profiles on the iPad, split view and more. Let us have a look at these features in detail.


Dark mode

The long anticipated ‘dark mode’ is likely to be introduced with this new update. This allows the dark theme or background of the iOS apps. The dark mode will help reduce the brightness while using it in complete darkness. In the present OS update, iOS users are claiming it to be brighter in some environments even if the slider is set to minimum. So, with iOS 12 we may find a solution to this issue through dark mode.


User Profiles

The new iOS 12 may bring in the ability to create multiple users and switch between them. Many iPad owners claim the same and it makes sense for many reasons. This feature enables multiple users of the same device to create their own wish list, preference, library, photos, calendar, email, and bookmarks.

Although, it is currently possible by logging in to different Apple IDs. But it will not show any impact on the content of iPhone or iPad. It is rumored that Apple is likely to add this feature to Apple TV at some point. So, it is speculated that even iOS will get this feature as well.

More Emojis

Apple will definitely bring in new emoji collections with iOS 12 update.

Split View

As in iPad tablets, Apple may introduce split view feature to the iPhones. This feature allows multitasking and is even achievable with the present technological advancements.

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