Again iPhone 8 Battery Swells!! This time in the US

Just a few days back there was a report on battery swelling of the latest iPhone 8 in China and recently again another such case has been found in the United States where the battery of iPhone 8 swelled.


Also a few days back a Taiwanese iPhone 8 Plus complained that their brand new smartphone split opened while charging with the original cable and plug adapter.

A similar kind of incident was also reported in Japan where the bloated batteries of the iPhone 8 cracked open the back cover.


A spokesperson from Apple said that they were looking into this matter and will soon take an action.

In the US, an employee of Best Buy, an American multinational consumer electronics corporation headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb uploaded a picture on Reddit to show that he had received a bloated iPhone 8 which he returned it.

It’s quite shocking that one after another such incidents are occurring in different parts of the world and till now the giant multinational company Apple has not given any explanation till now.


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