iPhone 8 Cracked Up because of Bloated Battery in China

Apple released their most awaited iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 with great pomp and show in September. The company claimed that they have included the top class technologies in their latest smartphones.


However, recently in China, a new case has come up which questions Apple’s claims. An iPhone 8 in China popped open because of a swollen battery, as reported in state media in China.


Apple has examined similar incidents which have also occurred in Taiwan and Japan. There also the iPhone 8 Plus batteries bloated thus the smartphone’s back case opened.

A website on Thursday, the iPhone 8 Plus user surnamed Liu, said that his brand new device opened split opened on October 5. And there was no indication of explosion or scorching.


The iPhone 8 Plus buyer, Liu said that he purchased the smartphone from an online store JD.com Inc. He further stated that he didn’t charge the iPhone and instead returned back to the seller.

Liu also uploaded the damaged pics on the website which clearly shows the iPhone 8 Plus is cracked open.

A representative from Apple said that they were looking into the matter and didn’t comment anything more.

Now, this also raises a doubt in people’s mind that if everything will go well with the iPhone X or not, which will be rolled out in November.


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