iPhone 8 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Despite not including the Face ID feature in the recently launched series of Apple iPhone 8 Plus, it is still the best option. The A11 bionic chipset with rear end glass design ensures wireless charging, and probably makes it a great phone. On the other end, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is nowhere less than the iPhone 8 Plus.


The latest Samsung flagship features a speedy processor with an edge-to-edge display screen and a huge memory. So, we are trying out to compare both these high-end smartphones that blow out immense features. Let us look at detail comparison of Plus variants from tech giants.

Design and Display

Apple preferred sticking on to the same old design as in iPhone 6 Plus from the front end. However, with the addition of glass back to the old design made the heads turn towards to iPhone 8 Plus. Its rival Samsung has completely changed the design to all-screen display with 6.2-inches screen and minimizing the bezels around.


The 18:9 aspect ration with a QHD resolution adds crisp to the S8 Plus display. The Apple’s 5.5-inches 1080p LCD screen is also pretty fine as it holds 3D touchscreen sensitivity. But, the curved all screen design of Galaxy S8 Plus makes it a favourite choice.


It is hard to compare the smartphones working on different platforms. Irrespective of the platforms, both the gadgets perform well but with a different approach. The Apple’s A11 bionic chips blow out all other Android chipsets around.

The performance cores in the A11 processor renders 50 percent higher performance than Exynos 8895 chip in Galaxy S8 Plus. Moreover, iPhone carries 3GB of RAM while S8 Plus carries 4GB.


The iPhone 8 Plus gets iOS 11 operating system while the Galaxy S8 Plus runs on Android 7.1 OS. With the iOS 11, the plus variant adds up new features besides AR Kit. Overall, both phones are impressive and offer great performance on different platforms.


Though both share excellent cameras, we have spotted out few differences that let you think twice before you choose. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus sports a single rear 12MP camera while iPhone 8 Plus features dual 12MP rear camera sensors. Of the two camera sensors, One is a wide angle sensor with f/1.8 aperture and other is telephoto camera sensor with f/2.8 aperture.


Both the devices have optical zoom technology and support HDR mode. They support Bokeh mode of blurring down the background image and sharpening the main image. However, the iPhone 8 Plus dual sensor ensures improved colour capture with a faster autofocus and noise reduction.

In terms of video capabilities, iPhone 8 Plus can record 4K videos at 60fps while the contour records at 30fps. All in all, the added second sensor of iPhone 8 Plus is more advantageous over Galaxy S8 Plus.


Both these rivals offer pretty tough competition as they offer full-day battery life with a single charge. But the Galaxy S8 Plus 3500 mAh battery which is quite bigger than 2675 mAh iPhone battery, and is said to have a bit longer battery life.


In terms of charging, the Samsung supports Adaptive fast charging thus allowing to charge the phone in less than an hour. While iPhone 8 Plus rapid charging says that the plus variant can recharge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. There is a facility of wireless charging in both the devices. But the iPhone 8 Plus 7.5W wireless charger is much slower than S8 Plus 15W charger.


The iPhone 8 Plus price in Dubai, UAE is AED 3449.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price in Dubai, UAE is AED 2249.

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