Does the iPhone 8 Survive the Vigorous Test?

The Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has grabbed eyeballs from the time they were not even unveiled. And now when they have been officially unwrapped, the Apple handsets are going through immense scrutiny.

 iPhone 8

The latest iPhone 8 has gone through vigorous torture test which has left everyone’s mouth wide opened. It was a durability test also called as ‘JerryRigEverything’ where handsets are severely tested to check their toughness.

And you will be surprised to know that the iPhone 8 amazed us with its performance. Read the following to know the further details of the torture test-


  1. The iPhone 8 has a glass and front back. Apple claims that the smartphone is scratch resistant just like the iPhone 7. The protective covering on the iPhone is said to be the "most durable glass ever on a smartphone".


  1. The rear camera of the device is guarded by the sapphire lens. But it has been found out in the test that it is not 100 percent pure sapphire and is also scratch resistant as the glass used on the phone. Since the quality of the sapphire is not pure so the quality is not good as expected.


  1. The iPhone 8 uses the upgraded ingress protection around the sides of the smartphone which does not arise when the phone is bent.


  1. In any circumstance, the iPhone 8 does not bend as it used to happen in iPhone. That is a great improvement!


  1. The phone is entirely made up of glass or metal including the side buttons.


  1. Though the iPhone is glass bodied, it doesn’t easily slip out of your hand. It has a solid grip which lets you hold it tightly.


  1. The device is fireproof too! Check out the above video to see how the iPhone 8 performs in the harsh environment.


The iPhone 8 responds well to all kinds of tortures done to it. It successfully survives it. And if you wish to add another protective layer over your iPhone 8 then Apple will charge you $39-$49 for the protective case.


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