iPhone Hidden Secret Codes: The Best of 2017

Are you in a belief that you are an expert in iPhone usage? Then it’s time to rethink and explore iPhone in depth. We as a user think that there is nothing hidden from us in the smartphone we avail. In reality there are many secret hidden codes especially in a smartphone like iPhone.

Here in this article, we cover few major such hidden codes that unlock new features in iPhone. Users can use these codes by just dialing from dialer from their iPhones.

iPhone code


Wondered how to get IMEI? Here is a solution. Know your iPhone IMEI by dialing *#06# which is a unique mobile identifier number that would be helpful if you are getting fixed or changing the network.


This code enables phone’s field mode thus giving access to essential data such as personal setting, cell data, and newest network if any.


*#67# is the code for iPhone busy users. Is your iPhone busy often, try this code to forward the call to an alternative number.


iPhone prepaid users can check the account balance using this code.


iPhone postpaid users can check available minutes through this code.


The code to check call control bars. Users can check if the barring option is enabled or disabled.


Do you want to check the status of connected line presentation option? Use this code to check whether the option is successfully enabled or not.


To know the settings related to call forwarding option try this code and check for the related status accordingly.


The code to disable the option of call forwarding.


Explore the info related to use of information using the specified code.


To check the list of Missed call Numbers.


This hidden code enables to divert the call to an alternative number if the user is in Non-service area.


The code to enable EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) mode. Though it enhances the voice quality of iPhone, however, there is a chance of reduced battery life.


The quicker way to access SMS center.


Make use of this code to check for call waiting status.


Want to activate call waiting on your iPhone? Quick dial *43# to enable the feature.


Do you want to have fun making prank calls with selected persons? Then here is the way, just dial #31# before the desired number you want to play with and this code hides your number only for that call session.


The code to hide your number for all outgoing calls.

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