iPhone Repair: Pay a Huge Amount To Get It Repaired

The latest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X has taken the world by storm. There is no doubt that people are crazy about the iPhones. Since the new iPhones have a glass back, one should use a protective case in order to avoid any sort of damage to the expensive handset. Today we are going to discuss as to how expensive will it be for the iPhone repair.

iPhone Repair

The glossy glass back of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus looks classy and stylish. It is specially built for the wireless charging but is quite delicate. You should be very careful while handling the new iPhones because if it is without the protective cover then chances are high that you may damage the device.

Though Apple has claimed that they have used the toughest glass in their smartphones, but you cannot compare the durability of glass with an aluminum. In case if the glass back of the iPhone 8 breaks you have to spend a heavy amount to repair it.

If you get an insurance of your handsets with AppleCare then you are safe but it is not covered under AppleCare then you have to pay a hefty amount. According to AppleInsider portal, many employees of Apple have revealed that a damaged glass back will cost about $129 covered under AppleCare+ and $99 extra to fix it. And if you wish to replace the display you need to pay $29. And to fix the damage for iPhone 8 it will cost you $349 and for the iPhone 8 Plus you will have to pay $399.

Apple neatly fixes the device at the cost of a very high price. So make sure you are very careful while handling these expensive gadgets, the best option is to always use the protective guard and stay from iPhone repair.

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